ACMSS™ MSCAT™ Certification Examination Program *Auto Renew - Platinum+ x100

ACMSS™ MSCAT™ Certification Examination Program *Auto Renew - Platinum+ x100

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The ACMSS™ MSCAT™ Licensing Certification Examination is the steps necessary to complete and receive the certification license to become a Certified Medical Scribe Specialist. This is a 5-8 hour program with a clinical manual, a comprehensive understanding of HIPAA, and a 2-hour examination. Individuals who have completed the CMSS™ educational program and/or are certified healthcare personnel are eligible to take this exam.

This package provides:  

  • 100 CMSS™ individual course applications and enrollment
  • 100 CMSS™ issued individual account
  • 100 CMSS™ clinical course manual
  • 100 CMSS™ training video
  • 100 CMSS™ applications of eligibility to meet CMS core eligibility requirements in carrying out the delegated clinical duties of the CMSS™ licensure
  • 100 MSCAT™ Licensing Examination
  • 100 valid government issued CMS CMSS™ License*
  • 100 valid government issued CMS CMSS™ Credentials*
  • 100 valid government issued CMS CMSS™ Compliance*
  • Access to 3 CME courses provided each year


  • Individuals must pass with an 80% or greater.
  • Individual has 1 attempt to pass the MSCAT™.  If after the third attempt successful MSCAT™ cannot be passed, individuals are required to then re-enroll into the CMSS™ Comprehensive Clinical Training Program
  • Annual renewals. This product automatically renews each year on the purchase date for the purchase fee. You will be notified 15 days in advance of the renewals
  • There are no refunds or exchanges and all licenses have a ZERO ($0.00) dollar cash value. See website terms and conditions which apply. All purchases are final. Individual licenses cannot be resold.
  • Individuals have 12 months to complete the program and pass the examination

For more information:

Phone: (210) 468-0735