10 Apps in 10 Weeks
10 Apps in 10 Weeks

10 Apps in 10 Weeks

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You: A Mobile Developer!

It's easier than you think!

Over the past five years, we've learned a few things about teaching online, and we've found the BEST way to take you from newbie to pro. You see, the best way to learn to develop mobile apps is to actually develop mobile apps.

With Ten Apps in Ten Weeks, you will learn how to build Ten Different Apps in Ten weeks. Each app is unique and while building it you'll learn a unique and important skill set used by professional app developers every day. Each app includes full source code, step-by-step building tutorial, and any needed video, music and graphic assets.

You'll build all of these apps (and more):

Week 0: Intros and Get to Know you

  • Instructor and Student Intros
  • Download and Install Required Software (all Free)

Week 1: The Tip Calculator App

  • Creating an App Template in PhoneGap
  • Including jQuery in an App
  • Basic jQuery selectors and commands
  • Browser Testing

Week 2: The Movie App

  • API programming in pure Javascript
  • Shortcut API coding with jQuery
  • Parsing XML content returned by an App
  • Parsing jQuery returned by an App
  • Event Lifecycle

Week 3: Metronorth Railroad App

  • Complex content parsing
  • jQuery table views
  • Storing data on the device
  • Making multiple web service calls
  • jQuery Page Structure

Week 4: The Hungry Hero App

  • Getting started with Google API's
  • Obtaining device geolocation information
  • Displaying a Google Map embed
  • Map annotations

Week 5: Emergency Info App

  • Parsing public data services
  • Using MapKit to create map templates
  • Annotating MapKit Maps
  • Creating Interactive Annotations

Week 6: Nice To Meet You App

  • Using the FullContact Person API
  • Storing Contacts on the Device
  • Editing Device Contacts

Week 7: Chatter App

  • How to create point-to-point chat
  • How to create group chat
  • Serializing and saving objects in Javascript

Week 8: Runner App

  • Working with AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Storing data in a SQL database
  • Storing data in a no-SQL database

week 9: Drawin' App

  • Understanding HTML5 Canvas
  • Drawing on Canvas
  • Multi-event Objects
  • Saving Canvas Images

Week 10: Surprise! It's a Game

  • Reading device accelerator
  • Animation in your apps
  • Sound and Video

Nice To Meet You (Work with Contacts)

While creating these apps you'll learn skills like media control, web service consumption, XML and JSON [arsomg, jQuery Mobile, Google Maps™, Google Places API™, geolocation, gaming techniques and much, much more.

Forget choosing between Android, iOS or Kindle... These apps can easily be deployed to all three of the largest app stores and we'll show you how.

What Do I Have To Know?
These apps are built using HTML5, Javascript, and CSS. If you already have a working knoweldge of these--great. If not we'll provide you with the courses you need to get the foundations-- All included. Building these apps is a great way to get MORE familiar with these basic development skills. You don't have to have any mobile experience at all.